What is important when you want to use a Polaroid sticker frame and a custom instax film?

Polaroid photos have been existing for a very long time. Perhaps even your grandfather or grandmother took these kind of photos. Despite technological developments, Polaroid has never truly been out of the picture. One of the reasons is the fact that you can be very creative with Polaroid. It’s great fun to create your own Polaroid sticker frame or customize an Instax film. What do they mean and how can you create them yourself?

Design your own unique photos

With a Polaroid sticker frame you can design your own Polaroid photos in a unique way. Use it for your birthday, a wedding or another special occasion, for example. Just be creative and have the time of your life designing it. A custom Instax film is great as well. The biggest difference between Polaroid and Instax is that a square version of Instax happens to be smaller than a traditional Polaroid picture.

Choose the right lens

Do you want to make photos during a special event? Then Polaroid might give it a little bit more extra fun. Make sure that you choose your own lenses based on the kind of subject that you plan on photographing. Study the basics of photography and the subject you want to remember. And don’t forget to choose the right light and angle to make the perfect picture.

Pay attention to the size of the subject

There are other things that you should keep in mind. The size of subject will affect the outcome of the photograph as well. When the subject is really big, you shouldn’t be too close to it. By standing a few meters away, the picture will look way better. Or perhaps you want to use a sticker frame for flower pictures. A great idea, but be aware of the color of the flower. The color does not come into effect until you are ready to take the photograph. The closer you are to the flower, or any other object actually, you more pick up the color. So in this case, being close to your subject is actually a great idea.


Let’s talk a little bit more about distance. You can actually tell by looking at the close flower in the photograph whether it is a medium or large flower. Large flowers are usually warmer than medium flowers and will be in pink or red or whatever. Medium flowers are warmer and will be in orange or yellow or whatever. You can even use the color of the flowers to help you know if it is a medium or large flower. The closer you are to the flower, the warmer it will be.

No other things in the way

Last, but not least, it’s possible to freeze the photograph. This might seem a minor element, but you will know whether a photograph is a good or bad subject. A picture must actually be frozen in time. This means there were no other things in the photograph that affected the outcome of the subject. So in that case, the light and colors are in a good balance. If they are not, then the photograph is not good and you can’t use it for a Polaroid sticker frame and/or a custom Instax film.


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